Listen to lounge music while you chat with friends and colleagues in the open air of this poolside hidden gem.

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Los Angeles is a city willed from the desert; a city of dreams, of sunshine, and of driving.

Adjacent to the stunningly beautiful WET pool and private cabanas, The Backyard captures the essence of California living with fresh salads and classic sandwiches using farm-to-table ingredients.

Blending the comforts of upscale-casual dining with creative dishes and stylishly casual design, The Backyard brings a visionary fusion of extraordinary food, invigorating signature cocktails and a vibrant outdoor scene.

Los Angeles is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse cities in the country.

Its Latin-, Korean-, Persian-, African-, and Armenian-American populations are significant, well-integrated into the cultural fabric of the area, and particularly influential on the culinary landscape.

Residents of Los Angeles enjoy equal access to beaches for swimming or surfing and to mountains for hiking or jogging.

LA is also famously the nexus of the American entertainment industry; many of its residents work for studios, talent agencies, post production houses, or as actors.

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area is the most populous in the United States.

It is not nearly as densely arranged as many of its metropolitan counterparts; it is much more horizontally oriented, sprawling across beaches and mountains and valleys.

Two aspects of LA life persist like death and taxes: gorgeous weather and insufferable traffic.

Beyond these unifying elements, the many boroughs and suburbs of Los Angeles vary greatly, each with its own charms and challenges.