“Less than a month after Garner’s death, Ramsey Orta, who shot the much-viewed videotape of the encounter, was indicted on weapons charges.Leah Messer has already been married two times, and been divorced twice, and she’s just 23.

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post, entitled “11 Facts About the Eric Garner Case the Media Won’t Tell You,” attempts to explain how a grand jury of 23 could bring no charges against the cop who used an illegal chokehold that would result in the so-called “gentle giant’s” death.

got its info since those early records should, by all accounts, be unavailable to the public considering Garner was a juvenile at the time he was brought in for the unspecified offense.) Meyers notes that at the time of Garner’s death, he was “out on bail after being charged with illegally selling cigarettes, driving without a license, marijuana possession, and false impersonation.” Former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik, adding meat to Meyers’ report, attempts to place the death of Eric Garner on the man himself, noting that on the day of Garner’s death, he was illegally selling untaxed cigarettes, and that he is technically resisting arrest in the now-viral video depicting his death. “If Eric Garner did not resist arrest, the outcome of this case would have been very different. Regardless of what the arrest was for, the officers don’t have the ability to say, ‘Well, this is a minor arrest, so we’re just going to ignore you.'” Instead, the people pointing out that Eric Garner was a criminal claim it would have been arrest number 31 over a 34-year period.

Even so, there is the fact that Officer Daniel Pantaleo can be seen on the video below applying a banned chokehold to Garner.

To this point, notes that the chokehold alone should not have been enough to kill Garner.

Not only is the reality star in a new relationship, which includes Dues’ two sons, she’s also in the midst of an ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband, Corey Simms, over their twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, 6.

Leah Messer married Simms in 2010, about one year after welcoming their twins, but in 2011, after Leah Messer admitted to cheating on Simms just prior to their wedding, they parted ways.Since then, they have been co-parenting the children, but after Simms filed for full custody in 2014, he has been named as the primary parent, leaving him and his wife, Miranda, in charge of caring for the girls during the week, while Messer only has them on weekends.At 350 pounds, Garner suffered from “a number of health problems, including heart disease, severe asthma, diabetes, obesity, and sleep apnea.” Also, Garner did not die at the scene, a common misconception among those discussing the case on social media.Instead he “suffered cardiac arrest in the ambulance taking him to the hospital and was pronounced dead about an hour later,” notes.Last but not least, the site points out that the 23 grand jurors, “including nine non-white jurors,” heard evidence and testimony over a more than two-month period and that unlike in the Ferguson case of Michael Brown, the evidence has not been made public so going by just the video leaves out a lot regarding why and how the grand jury reached its decision.takes on a popular social media meme — that the officer under review for killing Eric Garner was not arrested but the man who shot the initial video of it was — revealing the reason why the man was arrested.