While the answer to that is unclear, Rocky made it very apparent that he’d love to hit the sheets with the chanteuse. “S— is like, everybody knows we got a thing for each other and we wanted to show that on screen.” Then he got really, uh, eloquent. n—a look at this b—-, I wanna f— the s— outta her,” Rocky blurted out.In a recent interview, Rocky got a little uninhibited and let loose a lot of insider info on the ‘National Anthem’ clip and how he came to play an African American JFK. “Look at her, she’s gotta be in her late 30s and s—.” Uh, dude, LDR is 26!Rocky revealed that the video was a pricy one for Del Rey’s label, in part because they went all out in making sure the 1960s theme was perfect.

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Some of you will remember a snippet of this record floating around a couple months back, it was suppose to appear on The Kickdrums, “Follow The Leader” compilation project but for some odd reason it didn't make the cut.

On this one you can tell Rocky is definitely experimenting with his sound which sounds dope to me but I let you guys be the judge of that.

If you've seen Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" video, it's pretty clear that she probably has a huge crush on A$AP Rocky—she cast him as JFK.

In a striking black&white photo Kanye dramatically falls down while model Joan Smalls reaches out towards him.

This isn’t the first time Yeezy dipped his toe into modeling for the fashion house.

In 2014 the rapper starred alongside his wife Kim Kardashian in an ad for Balmain Paris.

Following the sizzling chemistry A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey showed in her ‘National Anthem’ video, tongues began wagging if the two were dating.

That's like the biggest compliment of all time: "Can you play the most handsome, powerful man in all of American history in my new video, A$AP? Turns out the nearly eight-minute mini movie wasn't all acting.

Noisey caught up with A$AP after the release of the video, and the "Peso" rapper revealed his true feelings about his video co-star: "S*** is like, everybody knows we got a thing for each other and we wanted to show that on screen. n**** look at this b****, I wanna f***the s*** outta her." Well, he's never claimed to be subtle.