Malicious website that phish for details that’s how they do it.Just because the email invite came from your friends and family doesn’t mean the website is safe.After all a compromised account meant that the data was mined and now being used by the malicious website.

I have been getting Jhoos dating messenger invite from friends. But this time I got curious and decided to click the “Yes” button. Instead of a sign up page it asked you to key in your email address and password!

The part where they ask for the password sets off an alarm in my head!

Hey, would you hand in your ATM card and PIN number to people you don’t know? A quick check online did show a number of people saying this is a scam site.

In fact when I keyed in the main URL of jhoos I get a warning from my anti-virus saying that the website is potentially unsafe.

However, it may not be wise to jump right in and sign up to the first free service that catches your eye.

Sometimes they may say free, but after a few days, they can ask to submit some amount in order to proceed.

All the couple has to do is to know the place and time and provide neat car.

On the other hand, if you are still on an impending failure or loss, you can make your way slowly into the dating scene taking advantage of dating services.

When surfing online, don’t be so naive and start keying in your login ID and passwords.