Data visualization platform provider Tableau is updating its flagship product with new features that give oversight and data governance control back to IT organizations.It also makes a host of new advanced analytics capabilities accessible to more users.

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In announcing its second quarter results, the company reported that its Amazon Web Services division grew at a 58% rate.

Integration -- connecting computing services to one another -- used to mean bringing in expensive consultants, investing in custom programming, and dealing with long timelines.

But modern cloud-based options could make integration only a matter of dragging icons and filling in form fields, work that can often be done without a developer. Oracle announced plans to buy cloud-based ERP provider Net Suite, a company backed by Oracle CTO Larry Ellison.

It is common to feel nervous, scared, or even a little intimidated to try hot yoga. First-time students must arrive 15-30 minutes early regardless of previous experience.

We have all felt that at the beginning of our practice. We want you to have time to get registered and orientated, meet your instructor, and get acquainted to your new home away from home.

We recommend all students arrive 15 minutes before class in order to allow their body to get acclimated to the hot room. Proper hydration supports the healthy function of all your body’s systems and it makes the heat feel comfortable rather than overwhelming.

We begin every class on time and do not permit late entry. Come to class with your new student registration form filled out.

But how will the two companies resolve the overlap in functionality between their product portfolios?

During the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation panel in Philadelphia, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft representatives issued another call to action for increased STEM funding and for revisions to the nation's immigration policy.

CIOs are seeing the highest level of skills shortage since the Great Recession of 2008-09 and other hiring issues, according to the 2016 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey.

Find out where these challenges exist and to what extent.