Connecting Israelis and Americans to the State of Israel.Brings together individuals of various backgrounds, to engage in Israel themed social, cultural and educational events.Unaffiliated group connects individuals to their identity by fostering a passion for the soul, spirit and people of Israel.

National organization dedicated to developing and engaging a network of Jewish leaders fighting domestic poverty.

Places young Jewish adults, 21-26 years of age, in a year of full-time service at local antipoverty organizations.

During the year, corps members live together as a community and participate in intensive learning to deepen their understanding of domestic poverty, advance their leadership and professional skills, and explore their work through the lens of Jewish tradition.

In January 2016, AVODAH will also launch a Fellowship for early-career professionals dedicated to integrating their Jewish and justice identities.

Connect, engage and be inspired by the warm and vibrant Jewish community of 20’s and 30’s.

Enjoy social, recreational, cultural and holiday programs and events.Meet new friends, discover new interests, experience more of Chicago, and expand your Jewish life.Email: [email protected] [email protected] one of a kind singles group (aged 21+) offering a variety of quality activities at reasonable prices, including socials, bowling, speakers, theater and special interests (horseback riding, health, music and billiards).Offering an alternative to computers and expensive dating organizations, the activities allow persons to become familiar over time in a non-threatening atmosphere. Helps engaged or newly married couples gain understanding about their relationship, so they can be better prepared on their journey of marriage.Marriage Preparation offers couples individual sessions and covers topics including communication styles, problem solving, marriage expectations, and looking at both strength and growth areas in their relationship.Couples will complete the Prepare and Enrich inventory as a part of the Marriage Preparation service.