A while ago, I wrote a guest post for fellow travel bloggers of Always Trekking on 5 Differences between the Dutch and Poles (from a Pole’s perspective) and that made me think I should also share my thoughts here too, on my blog.As I was living among Dutch people for a week (I know it is not enough to make objective comments or judgement), I was able to observe how they behave and live and confront it with the lifestyle and way of thinking of Polish people.

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Unfortunately, in most Polish families parents don’t find enough time for their kids. They do look so miserable when walking down the streets. It’s such a cold and unwelcoming atmosphere in some places in Poland and it scares tourists off.

Everyone works their asses off to provide basic necessities for their kids so instead of playing football with their kids, parents work overtime at work. In Holland, locals wave at you in the street even when they don’t know you, they always say hi when they see you and stop to have a little chat. They are very In Holland, you can leave your front door open and nobody will walk in without asking your permission.

Neighbors rely on each other, they trust each other and care a lot. They pay each other unexpected visits, bring some shopping and invite each other for birthday and housewarming parties, Sunday BBQ or tea time in a garden. It’s true that many Dutch keep a tight watch over their money, but saying that they are greedy is way too exaggerated. We spend money on expensive holidays, nights out with friends, good cars and nice apartments.

We don’t really save much, we don’t think about the future, we live like it’s gonna be the last day of our lives and there is one thing for sure – we should learn from Dutch people how to keep an eye on our savings (if we start having some at all). Actually, older people consider being a gay/lesbian as an illness and keep saying “it’s a disease of 21st century! People go absolutely crazy with the alcohol, but I guess it will never change. Dutch people, as opposed to Poles, prefer to party in a very posh, “well-behaved” way.

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” The majority of Polish society is disguised by them whereas in Holland nobody cares and you can express your sexuality without being judged. They indulge themselves in a glass or two of red wine, they have a family dinner together, some cake, they chat a lot, dance, watch TV and play cards – all in moderation. "It will never happen to me" said every person before it happened to them. The difference is that they are usually more costly when you're in a foreign country.

That's why travelling without insurance is a bad idea.

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