More importantly, if you change the metadata in the file in Photo Shelter, we will re-embed that information into files when you allow others to download them.When a keyword search is accessed on your Photo Shelter website, these are the searchable IPTC fields: IPTC worked with Adobe to come up with a more robust specification that added more fields and also standardized the way information was written to a file using XML.Beginning with Photoshop CS2, the full IPTC Core is accessible through the File Info panels (File → File Info).

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Other programs like Photo Mechanic and Adobe Lightroom also support the IPTC Core standard.

Older programs will support a 1990s version of the specification, commonly referred to as the IIMv4 (Information Interchange Module version 4) specification.

The full specification that describes each field can be found on the IPTC website.

The following information is condensed from the IPTC4XMP Core 1.0 document: Keywords to express the subject of the content.

Keywords may be free text and don't have to be taken from a controlled vocabulary.

Values from the controlled vocabulary IPTC Subject Codes must go to the Subject Code element.

Name of the subregion of a country — either called province or state or anything else — the content is focussing on — either the subregion shown in visual media or referenced by text or audio media.

IPTC (International Press Communications Council) is a consortium of the world's major news organizations.

One of their main goals is providing standards to facilitate information interchange between organizations.